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missjackson wrote: DARE Graduation
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y6summer wrote: DARE Graduation
   On the 3rd June class 6 preformed our DARE Graduation, after a lot of hard practice we all did very well. The songs we did were: shake it off, let it go (just say no), Y.M.C.A (D.A.R.E), and our DARE song Stop Before you Start. We all got in (More)
y6sam wrote: D.A.R.E
Yesterday we did our D.A.R.E performance, firstly Kieran stood up and introduced the performance and we sang Stop Before you Start and then me Theo, Reece, Joshua, Kyle and Mark did our role play of how not to take drugs. Then we sang a song called J (More)
Mr Huthart wrote: Our Dare Graduation
Our year six children performed their DARE graduation today.  The event was very well attended and the children wowed the audience with their knowledge and skills. The children made us feel very proud and they have clearly carried on working hard af (More)
y6callum wrote: D.A.R.E Graduation
About two weeks ago we did are D.A.R.E graduation. D.A.R.E is a course that children take to learn about the dangers in drugs, smoking, alchol, volatile subtances and anti-social behaviour. It help them to make the right choices when they get older (More)
y6chloer wrote: D.A.R.E Graduation Day!
Dare means Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education or Define, Assess, Respond, Evaluate. My favoutrite song was the Stop Before You Start song. My favourite play was the self  esteem play, there was Shannon,Emily,Emmie Millie,Charlotte,Nicole and Sav (More)
Our DARE graduation was awesome because the songs were awazing and the dances to the songs were cool. My play was about anti social behaviour. In our group was Billy,Logan,Riley,Rowan,Rose,Jay J and Kayleigh. My favourite song was What do drugs do (More)
y6baylie wrote: Practising for D.A.R.E.
Since I was not going to be there for the real graduation, when we were practising ( all week) I did all the music. My favourite song was Drugbusters, but the original song is Ghostbusters.We thought of many songs and many play scripts aswell. Fiv (More)