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missjackson wrote: DARE Graduation
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y6summer wrote: DARE Graduation
   On the 3rd June class 6 preformed our DARE Graduation, after a lot of hard practice we all did very well. The songs we did were: shake it off, let it go (just say no), Y.M.C.A (D.A.R.E), and our DARE song Stop Before you Start. We all got in (More)
y6sam wrote: D.A.R.E
Yesterday we did our D.A.R.E performance, firstly Kieran stood up and introduced the performance and we sang Stop Before you Start and then me Theo, Reece, Joshua, Kyle and Mark did our role play of how not to take drugs. Then we sang a song called J (More)
y6emmie wrote: OUR DARE GRADUATION!
On Friday 29th May 2014 we had our DARE graduation. DARE means, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or Define Acess Respond Evaluate. In our DARE graduation we included many things like songs, plays and information. Here is a bit of one of our songs tha (More)
y6kieran wrote: Our D.A.R.E Graduation
D.A.R.E DARE (Drugs, Abuse, Resistance, Education or Define, Access, Response and Evaluate) is a course which primary-school children take to learn about drugs and how to respond when threatend or forced to take them. This is a list of drug (More)
On Friday 21st May we did our DARE graduation. D.A.R.E stands for drug, abuse, resistance, education. DARE also stands for Define, Assess, Respond, Evaluate. It is a course that year 6 children take to learn about the effects of drugs, smoking, alcoh (More)
y6savannahs wrote: D.A.R.E. Graduation
On Friday the 21st May we had our D.A.R.E GRADUATION ! Our DARE graduation was basically a round up of what we have learnt in DARE. I was in 2 plays, the self asteem one and the drugs and smoking play. They were both really fun to do. we also san (More)
y6cowan wrote: D.A.R.E
About two weeks ago (23.5.14) we performed our D.A.R.E graduation 2014. For those of you who don't know, D.A.R.E is a ten week course that children take to teach them about the dangers of things like smoking,cannabis and anti-social behaviour. Th (More)