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palmjayden wrote: Butterfly House Trip
My favourite part was when me and my friends went to the butterfly house because one went on my shoulder for about 10 minutes and then the beautiful butterfly went away with his/hers friends. I would like to go to the best butterfly house again. The (More)
palmlucas wrote: Butterfly House
The butterfly is cute. The snake is smooth. The snake is nice. (More)
palmjakub wrote: Butterfly House
There was a very beautiful, nice and new adventure yesterday. There were nice butterflies and they were good and beautiful. (More)
palmmiaka wrote: Butterfly House
The butterfly house is really good. We saw lots of different coloured butterflies and sleeping snakes. My favourite part of the trip was seeing the butterflies. We played on the park and it was really good because it was exciting. There was a round s (More)
The book is called dirty birtie mud, written by David Roberts. Dirtie Bertie got put in goal when he didn't want to but when it came to the match he saved the goal and his team won. It's a very funny book that I liked reading with my mum. (More)
palmkeir wrote: The Human Skeleton
Baby's have 300 bones and adults only have 206 because the bones are fused together like in the feet. Bones stop growing by mid 20s. The longest bone in the body is the femur which is the thigh gone. But most people think your spine is the longest al (More)
palmjakub wrote: Short Story About Bobo
The story is about a boy called Bobo. He travel to many nice places by plane. Bobo was sitting next to the window, he was tied, his eyes were closing. Outside was cold, the clouds make a soft rug for a plane to slide. The sun was very bright. Bob (More)
palmjulia wrote: The Young Girl
Once upon a time, in a dark night lived a young, beautiful girl with a brown dog. '' It's morning'' said the young girl with suprise. She read a book like always but something unusall happend. The book was about a tiger who lived in a never ending ju (More)
palmkeir wrote: A Young Boy
There was a young boy called chaflie, who always dreamed of going to a far away land to explore. One day he was walking through the woods and he found a secret tunnel. He went through the tunnel and rubbed his eyes as he looked at the new view in fro (More)
palmjasmine wrote: Candy Land by Jasmine
One sunny afternoon, Stefanie was wondering why there was a hole in the garden. When she bent down low, she fell in! As she was falling down the hole, the air began to smell sweet. Suddenly, Stefanie landed in a giant chocolate puddle. When she looke (More)