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palmfynley wrote: The Referendum - Homework
On the 23rd june 2016 great britain had a very important thing going on. We had to vote if we wanted to stay in the EU or leave the EU. The result means great britain is coming out of the EU. (More)
One sunny day in a beautiful castle there was a Princess called Clementine. She had long, golden hair and sky blue eyes. Clementine jumped out of bed with excitement. "It's today!" She screamed. She ran downstairs excited but then ...."oh no!....i (More)
In the distance was a castle, but inside was the Queen and King  who were.... Well you will see, so lets start. So it all started when I was picking smelly and mystical flowers that sparkled like gold. Then I looked up and WOW a rock hard and (More)
Once upon a time, a girl went into a mysterious town and seen the British flag she took her ladder she went up and took it home with with her then she put it up into her bedroom used it as a poster in her room and I went downstairs to have my dinner. (More)
As early I can ever be,I went downstairs then my  mum told me ''Get dressed because we're going to have a surprise!''shouted mum joyfully ...5 minutes later...so we walked across the long thin,and creaky bridge then we went inside of it thereon was (More)
There are many festivals in Greece. February/March. The carnival The carnival is called 'Apokries' in Greek and is celebrated by three weeks of feasting and dancing. It finishes seven weeks before Easter. Clean Monday Clean Monday or Lent Mon (More)
palmfynley wrote: Letter to Ancient Greece
Dear Zeus I live in the year 2016 it is very different to Ancient Greece. We have big trampolining centres and lots of football clubs and football teams. I support Liverpool and i'm really good at football too. We have lots of lovely food and l (More)
Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate. In summer, dry hot days are often relieved by stiff evening breezes, especially on north islands are really warmy cold sort of weather (More)
palmjessica wrote: I love Christmas!
I had a fabulous Christmas, it was so much fun. On Christmas Eve I opened my Eve box which was full of goodies. I had chocolate coins and watch my new Christmas DVD. Then me and my mummy made a decoration each for the tree. At night time I went to th (More)
year2jakub wrote: News Report
In a news report we need include the following things: headline adjectives describing the news I have done report about blizzard. We describe blizzard as a cold, windy, snowy. I enjoy doing the good sentences, full of different adjecti (More)