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y6oskar wrote: The Story
Once up on a time there was a boy. He was going on a trip and he got see a haunted house. His name was Joe. Every one went in it. Then the kids were gone. Joe was left alone. He was looking around and he went in a twin's room. The room was hunted by (More)
Just now Mr Huthart (Super Scientist) has done some AMAZING science experiments. And you can do them at home, all the equiptment can be found in your kitchen or if not at the shops for a very cheap price! 1) YOU WILL NEED: *Ground Pepper *Half f (More)
Today Class 6 did some science experiments with Mr Huthart. First Mr Huthart had a bowl of water, pepper, food colouring, fairy liquid and milk. He sprinkled pepper all over the bowl of water and then he put some fairy liquid on his finger and just t (More)
Mr Huthart came into our classroom this morningĀ and started talking about cereals and which were the best ones. Everyone had a different favourite and someone even likes all of them in one. After a few minuets we talked about lots of different break (More)