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anthonymaple wrote: Pig Heart Boy Poem
As cold as an ice cube, running down my cheeks. Shiver shakes my heart, as it begins ┬áto pound. THUD! THUD! THUD!   by Anthony (More)
zakmaple wrote: Pig Heart Boy Poem
Jealous, Jealous, Act cool, impress. Distraught, downhearted as they swim I lay in anger. When will it end? Pain in my heart, stab, stab, stab. Make it end, I can't handle it. Never again, never. By Zak (More)
gracemaple wrote: Christmas Poem
Christmas time is here, Filled with lots of cheer, Children's joyful screems, Coming from their dreams .   Santa's sleigh is ready, The reindeers hooves are steady, Time to deliver some gifts, As sleigh and reindeers lift (More)
ozanmaple wrote: Christmas Time
Christmas trees with sparkling lights, Presents wrapped with love and care, The lights on the tree are bright, As children admire and stare,   Crisp and cold weather, Everyone is full of joy, Families meet up and come togeth (More)
kboot wrote: Hannah's Tiger Poem
Nice Tiger In the misty jungle, there's a tiger. She is nice, jolly, great, happy and merry. Would you like a pet tiger? She helps humans and other animals. She helps everybody in the World. Would you like help? Say "tiger, tiger, can yo (More)
Fierce Tiger In a terrifying and dark jungle, in a terrifying, horrifying and horrible cave was a tiger. Have you ever been to the jungle? He likes crunching up humans and animals like zebras and dead birds. Have you ever seen a tiger? You (More)
Goverment Royal family, regal, royalties England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and part of GB, Europe Army, Air Force & Naval support Treasures, tutorial, training Buildings & gardens of significance Rivers, rail & roads Islands surr (More)
y6adam wrote: A Poem
There was a shark, That looked so dark. His teeth were sharp, And he lived in a park. (More)
y6nicholas wrote: Bug in a rug
There once was a bug Who lived in a rug He was very snug. (More)
y6leah wrote: When it snows
When it snows I start to shiver I turn into ice When it melts I am happy again When the Autumn leaves come past me it is lovely And I love my friends. (More)
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