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y6charlotte1 wrote: Poem
I'm a poet and I don't even no it! I'm a cake but I don't like to bake. I like to boop but I don't like poop! The sun is shinin' but there's no silver lineing.   I'm bloggin' but my noggin' is stopin'!     (More)
y6lauryn wrote: Poetry Day Poem
Icy fingers grasp the air, Christmas spirit fills the air. A beautiful christmas day, full of exciting stuff, Of this, nobody can ever get enough. (More)
y6rafe wrote: A Chocolate Poem
Chocolate is yummy, In my tummy, It's even better than money. Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Chocolate is nice, I could eat it twice, It fills my life with spice. Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Chocolate is milky, Oh so silky, It's definitely (More)
y6hermione wrote: My Treat!
Chocolate is very nice, I could definitely eat it twice. If chocolate gets too hot, You'll have to eat it out of a melting pot. Chocolate is dark brown, If you eat it, you never frown. Chocolate is soft and silky, It's very delicious and mil (More)
y6sophia wrote: My Chocolate Peom
Chocolate is yummy, Chocolate is approved by mummy. Carmel is sweet, Carmel is my treat. Fudge is cool, Fudge makes me drool. Galaxy is creamy, Galaxy makes me dreamy. For my lunch, I had a crunch. Chocolate is a crime, That's why I ha (More)
y6isabel wrote: Chocolate!
Chocolate is velvety, Chocolate is sweet, Chocolate is my favourite treat. It gives you a Zing, Zong, Wholop, Boo!   Chocolate! Oh, chocolate, Why are you so velvety sweet? You melt in my mouth, With a Zing, Zong ,Wholop, (More)
y6ella wrote: Yummy Chocolate
Yummy Chocolate Chocolate is yummy, Chocolate fills my tummy. Caramel is sweet, Caramel is my treat. Galaxy is creamy, Galaxy is dreamy. I LOVE CHOCOLATE Whenever it's chocolate time, I have to have more than one. I hope (More)
y6gary1 wrote: Chocolate Happiness
Chocolate is good, chocolate is bad. Chocolate helps me when I'm felling mad.   Chocolate is yummy when in my tummy. Chocolate I eat is a treat.   It is scrumptious as well as delicious. It's incredible to me. By Gar (More)
y6connor wrote: Chocolate Mess!
Chocolate's a mess, Chocolate slides down my hands. That's a treat...or mess. (More)
y6joshuah wrote: Crazy for Chocolate
Chocolate is nice, Chocolate, what a delight, It makes me crazy. Chocolate is great, As I met my crazy mate, Falling with a twirl. by Joshua (More)