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Chocolate is a treat, Chocolate can't be beat, Chocolate is delicious, It makes me ambitious, Chocolate is my life! that is no lie. Chocolate is my life, that is why, I won't budge, unless I get fudge, Chocolate is my life! That is no li (More)
y6reece wrote: CHOC-O-LATE
  Chocolate is sweet, It is my treat It is delicious, It makes me ambitious. Reece will budge to get fudge. Chocolate is cool It makes me drool. Chocolate is love, chocolate is life It could even be my wife. Chocolate is yummy, It (More)
redwoodthomas wrote: The Moon
The big moon shines bright The big moon is very light It is higher than a kite It shines in the night It goes for a flight And hides behind the sun By Thomas (More)
redwoodtaya wrote: I'm the moon
Standing in the night sky Thinking about how I'm so high With little stars passing by, I'm the moon   People see me every night I will always be in sight I make the night more light, I'm the moon   I go at dawn Yo (More)
redwoodsam wrote: Christmas acrostic poem
Caramel chocolate taste marvellous, Hungry people like to eat it, Really like to take their time. It is nice, So they eat it. They really liked it so much they wanted More. As they start to eat it Soggy slime comes out of the (More)
redwoodruby wrote: Poem about Saint Nicholas
Santa's favourite reindeer is Rudolph. As the elves work Santa eats mince pies. None of the elves stop working even when it is a long night. Tiredly Santa rides on his sleigh, After Santa gets off his sleigh he slowly goes to sleep. By Arc (More)
redwoodleland wrote: Christmas acrostic poem
Snowy hills, Nice and cold, Oh, WINTER! By Ewan and Leland (More)
redwoodsienna wrote: Santa acrostic poem
Snow falling in the North Pole As reindeers fly away with Santa Nothing will make Santa cold The North pole is a freezing place And it is very busy in Santa's workshop. by Sienna and Jaimie (More)
redwoodnatalia wrote: CHRISTMAS Poem
Cold and foggy mornings, Hurry down the snow. Running down the street, I am so excited to play in the snow, Skidding all the way, Mushing in the snow, As we were running in the snow, Sliding around. By Archie and Natalia. (More)
redwoodsienna wrote: Snowman acrostic poem
Snow is falling all around, Noisy children play, Oh what a wonderful sight, Winter has arrived. Many kids are having fun, Advent calendars are being opened Nearly ten snowmen have been made this year. By Sienna and Jaimie &nbs (More)