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y6ella wrote: Poem
Red roses, orange tulips, yellow daffodils, green grass, blue violets purple lavender ITS SPRING!!!   (More)
y6rowan wrote: A poem for easter.
I met a little rabbit once, A hopping on his way, I said " Where are you going, On this lovely day?" He said with just the slightest frown "Don't hinder me I pray because I am delivering the easter eggs for today is easter day" By Chloe M & (More)
y6cowan wrote: Never forget
Our dead must never be forgotten, Although they lie in endless sleep, Sleeping gently in deaths keep, Never forget. Think of the people you loved, Think of your friends, Think of their mourners weeping hot tears, Because this war has made (More)
y6rowan wrote: Never Forget
World war 1                                                                                                                                  World war 2                       (More)
y6heather wrote: THE STORY OF WAR
I'm here now, can't turn around, I'm here now, on the war ground. I'm here now, wishing I was home, I'm here now, but I'm not alone. I'm here now, watching with fear, I'm here now, wishing I wasn't here. I'm here now, a big loud bang, I' (More)
y6charlotte wrote: A Big Boom
I heard a big boom in the night, It gave me a terrible fright, I heard a big boom in the night, It gave me a terrible fright, Was it a gunshot? Was it someone in the middle of a mysterious plot? Was it a bird? Was it something very absurd? I h (More)
We need a quick escape, My knees shake, Confused, scared, mortified, Should we carry on? Stumbling feet, Tremendous heat, He's coming for us, We must rush, Empty bellies, My head feels like jellies, Empty hearts, It's time to start, (More)
y6logan wrote: The great escape
While the tracker was looking For footprints in the mud. While the tracker went past We were holding our breath. While we were getting chased Water was dripping down our face. While the water was going down our faces The tracker is on the (More)
y6charlotte wrote: BLOGATHON- Poem
B logathon L ots of fun O verly late G et your blog on! A school sleepover T ired H ow many blog posts? O ver night N ot very short WHAT DOES THAT SPELL? BLOGATHON! (More)