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harrison1 wrote: Our Trip To Perlethorpe
When we went to Perlethorpe we did lots of exciting things, we saw a man who's name was Gary. We did some fun activities with him and all of us had a good time. First we got introduced to Gary the leader of the activities, he sorted us into our te (More)
Perlethorpe is the best!!!!!! When we got there the first thing we did was orienteering and we had to find food as well. It was great we took it in turns to be the map reader. I took it first, then Daniel took a turn then Katy took a turn, then Em (More)
kboot wrote: Writing Recounts
All this week in Literacy we will be looking at writing recounts. Yesterday we were presented with a simple recount and we tried to improve the recount by asking questions to add more detail. Have a look at some of the super questions we asked: (More)