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tayajay wrote: Eden Camp Adventure
It was 9am on a warm, windy November day. Everyone was exquisite. It was the start of the week and the day after bonfire night. Coming out of the school reception, we rushed up to the white, colossal bus. About half way there, we all looked towar (More)
palmalexander wrote: Butterfly House
My favourite part of the buterfly house was the buterfly house because it was so pretty. I want to go to the butterfly house because they was so pretty,colourful and eye catching. (More)
palmthomas wrote: Butterfly House
I went to the butterfly house and I saw a massive snake. My favourite part was the dark room because I like the dark. I would like to go to the dark room again because like little snake's🕷🐍🌲🌳🐢. (More)
palmjayden wrote: Butterfly House Trip
My favourite part was when me and my friends went to the butterfly house because one went on my shoulder for about 10 minutes and then the beautiful butterfly went away with his/hers friends. I would like to go to the best butterfly house again. The (More)
palmlucas wrote: Butterfly House
The butterfly is cute. The snake is smooth. The snake is nice. (More)
palmjakub wrote: Butterfly House
There was a very beautiful, nice and new adventure yesterday. There were nice butterflies and they were good and beautiful. (More)
palmmiaka wrote: Butterfly House
The butterfly house is really good. We saw lots of different coloured butterflies and sleeping snakes. My favourite part of the trip was seeing the butterflies. We played on the park and it was really good because it was exciting. There was a round s (More)
First we went on the noisy, comfy coach. Next we went in the cosy, quiet, exciting room. Then we went to find the heavy, wooden posts. After we went to have schools yummy, delicious dinner. After that we went to the fun, playful park. Finally we went (More)
First we all went on the comfy and nice coach. We went in the beautiful room. We found the posts. The school trip was fun. Then we went home. (More)
First we happily got on the cosy, colourful coach. Next we slowly went in an exciting room. After that we quickly found some small posts. Then we happily ate all of our scrumptious lunch. Next we went to an awesome play park. Finally we quietly went (More)
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