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I liked the swing because it was fast. I liked the big climbing frame because it was fun. I liked finding the posts because we came 3rd. (More)
My favourite part was when I was at the park because it was fun and hot. I liked lunch time because I was starving. I liked going on the adventure. (More)
I liked the park because it had a wonderful slide. I like the park because it had a beautiful house. (More)
I think the greatest thing at Clumber Park the bus because it is a double decker. I like the park because it is awesome. (More)
I liked the park because it was amazing. I liked the bit where we looked for the posts because it was fun. (More)
On Tuesday 17 March, year 5 went on a school trip to Perlethorpe. We did lots of different activities and had lots of fun. In year 2 we went there and did completely different activities. When we got there everyone remembered it from year 2. First we (More)
y6india wrote: Chester Zoo Trip
Yesterday me and my class went on a fabulous trip to Chester zoo. In the morning Miss Jackson sorted out all of our groups for the trip. I jumped onto the coach with excitement wondering when we would get there. At last we were there it took nearl (More)
y6summer wrote: France
Day 2 : We woke up all ready for the big French food day. We went down for breakfast then headed out for the day.The first exciting thing we were going to do was make yummy croissants at the bakery. The man at the bakery picked people out to make th (More)
See some of the photos from our fantastic day out at the Tropical Butterfly House. (More)