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y6charlie wrote: WORLD BOOK DAY
World Book Day is a special day because people help to raise money for all the authors around the world, so that they can make even more books for people to enjoy. My favourite author is Jeff Kinney who is the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He h (More)
c4 wrote: World book Day
Our Favourite Book Charaters on PhotoPeach (More)
mrbe wrote: World Book Day!
We are celebrating World Book Day at school today. Lots of us have come dressed as different book characters and have brought in our favourite books. Have a look at our slideshow to see some of our costumes, and read our comments to see what we ha (More)
cjak wrote: World Book Day
World Book Day on PhotoPeach (More)
mrbe wrote: World Book Day!
Tomorrow is World Book Day! We will be dressing up as our favourite character from a book and bring our own book into school. (More)